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Otha Tribute

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This is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Otha Young. Otha, as many of you are aware, sadly passed away August 6, 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Otha's legacy lives on in his music that he and Juice as well as many others have recorded. Otha's wonderful wife Brenda had this to say to all of you...

 "In this time of immense sorrow, Makena & I deeply appreciate the heart-felt comments, comforting cards and generous donations made by the sincere and caring Juice Newton fans. As we read over the sentiments compiled by Paul for us, our hearts are filled with gratitude to hear about how Otha had touched each of you-his warmth, caring and musical talents were so appreciated by you and it warmed our hearts, even in our grief.

 Otha meant a great deal to many people which is no surprise to us. He was our lyric, our melody; the one who gave rhythm to our lives. We celebrate the impact he had on our lives and are blessed for the special, even though short, time we had together. We ask that your prayers and good thoughts continue for strength and healing for Juice, Makena and me and all those whose lives Otha touched. May his music continue to bring us joy."

 With much appreciation,

 Brenda & Makena Young
"Dear Fans,

 Otha was my very best friend. All ups and downs we shared, loss of family and of friends we shared. Success with our children and some not so successful times with them.The music will go on....and some of it will always be his music..... I hope I can share that wonderful music for years to come. I miss him so."